Tuning modified engines after performance upgrades is a very precise business. The smallest of margins can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to fuel delivery. Even with the best technology, leading fuel injector companies might work with tolerances of up to 9% between how their injectors perform against what the tuning data outlines in the files they provide to the tuners. Well thanks to good old Aussie ingenuity, that’s all about to change.

The key to an ultimate fuel injector, therefore fuel delivery tune is having all fuel injectors working at not only exactly the same performance but adjusting the tune to match the flow rate.  It’s widely known that a set of 1000cc injectors generally never flow at exactly 1000cc. A set might all be tightly matched but could flow at 915cc or even 1001cc. As an example, say a set of eight injectors all flow at 943cc, the generic tuning data, that is provided from injector companies and used by tuners, is likely to be calculated right on or at 1000cc.  In this example case, the tune would be off by 5.7%. Whilst high end tuners would continue to adjust the tune to get it perfect, this can take hours.

Melbourne based XS Injectors have developed a game-changing piece of new technology called EXACT MATCH. Simply put, this world-first technology provides tuners with tuning data that is exactly matched to the set of injectors they have purchased, not based on data for the generic flow rate. In this XS Injectors example, if all eight injectors flowed at 943cc, then the completely individualised tuning data file would be for that dedicated set complete with a 943cc flow rate.  The end result is perfectly tuned injectors without any need for further tuning adjustments!!

But wait there’s more…..not only does EXACT MATCH technology provide exactly matched groups of fuel injectors and with the same flow rate but the same goes for the deadtime performance of each injector. The tuning files are already adjusted to exactly match the deadtimes of each set.

The EXACT MATCH tuning data files for all popular tuning software and ECU’s are available for immediate download from the XS Injectors website. Just type in the individual Injector ID into the Data Download section of the website and the report and data files are instantaneously available.

EXACT MATCH by XS Injectors – innovation that once again puts Australian performance on the world stage.