260cc Set of 8 (5.4 V8) - original replacement injectors (32v Boss)

Perferct fit for BA - BF 5.4lt V8

  • Original replacement injector for the 32V Boss
  • It has a higher flow than the standard injectors for the 24V Barra (225cc standard)

E85, ethanol, methanol and pump petrol compatible.

  • Brand:   Bosch
  • CC Rating:   260cc
  • Ohms (Resistance):   High
  • Length (o-ring to o-ring):   65mm - Full Length - Long
  • Top O-Ring Diameter:   14mm

24V engine (Barra) - you will need to change the plugs. Choose from the options available

32V engine (Boss)wiring is the same so no need to change the plugs

Wiring connectors do not come with the injector set.

Which Connector do you need?

One Piece Adaptor
Terminated with Pins