Bosch 0580 464 200 Motorsport Pump

This is the superseded Bosch 044 pump

 The 044's are no longer available and this is what Bosch have as the replacement.

The output is  approx 10% higher, the housing is thinner. It goes from a 60mm case to a 52mm case and it comes with an 8mm sleeve so you can still use the old brackets. 

It comes with a check valve and a parts kit for the wiring

- >275l/h @ 5bar
- Supersedes the 0 580 254 044
- Flows ~10% higher than 044 at 7bar
- Weighs 15% less than 044 at 860g
- Current draw similar to 044
- M18x1.5 inlet fitting and M12x1.5 outlet fitting
- External non return valve
- Pressure relief valve 8-10bar
- Not suitable for voltage regulation
- Compatible with Gasoline and Diesel

Bosch number: 0 580 464 200, 0580 464 200, 0580464200


When replacing an 044

Outlet fittings

If you are using an outlet fitting that is not the factory Bosch check valve that comes with the 044, you will need to buy an M10 x 1.0 threaded fitting to screw directly into the new pump

Inlet Fittings

The adaptor that comes with the pump screws into the inlet which makes it an M18 x 1.5 which is the same size as the 044 original.

If you don't want to use the adaptor, you will need to buy an M14 x 1.5 fitting to screw directly into the inlet of the pump