XS 1000 Injectors (5.4 V8 Barra 24v)

XS Injectors eXact Match - The Worlds Most Accurate Injector Sets

A full set of 8 XS Injectors with everything you need for a direct fit.

Suits BA - BF 5.4lt V8 Barra 24v


No need for any wiring or adaptors. These are a direct fit drop in and the wiring harness will plug into the injectors


Why XS?

 See for yourself

Tight Testing Controls

All XS Injectors are tested on our custom built test bench to J1832 standards.

  • Pressure is electronically controlled at 3 bar
  • Temperature is controlled at 21°C
  • Votage is controlled at 14V

Because the testing parameters are so tightly controlled we get the same results everytime we test them.

Exact Match Data

We don't just dynamically flow test injectors we also measure the dead time of each injector. Every set is:

  • Dynamically flow matched within 1%
  • Deadtime matched within 2%

How many points are tested?

  • over 6,500 flow points are tested and recorded on every injector.
  • over 265,000 measurements for flow, pressure, voltage etc are recorded for every injector
  • tuning data specific to your set is available for download to make an easy tune

All of these results are stored on our cloud server, you can log in to view the data specific to your set at any time.

Lifetime Guarantee

If an injector has an issue not related to contamination or damage from external forces we simply replace the injector for you. It's that easy.

We know exactly how your injector set should flow and what the deadtimes are because we store that information on the cloud server. We just replace the injector with another one that matches your injector set exactly.


  • Brand:   XS
  • CC Rating:   1000cc
  • Ohms (Resistance):   High
  • Length (o-ring to o-ring):   65mm - Full Length
  • Top O-Ring Diameter:   14mm
  • Comes with:  8 height extensions