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The Xspurt Fuel Injector Advantage

Gone are the days of modified high performance machines spluttering and jumping around at the lights. Xspurt Injectors have revolutionised the fuel injector market, giving consistent flow rates that deliver a factory-smooth idle as well as an instant response when you put your foot down. The best part is they’re incredibly easy to tune.

Easiest injectors on the market to tune

“Xspurt Injectors are a breeze to tune,” says Brad Jones Racing team boss Kim Jones. “They’re the easiest injectors to tune on the market, even at low pulse widths. They also work really well at high pressure. You can quite comfortably crank the pressure up to 8 bar, and they’re great for turbos.”

The advantage of the Xspurt Injectors is that they have a very fine atomisation, especially at low revs. Bigger fuel injectors have traditionally had low atomisation, which would often lead to the car having a jumpy idle and being rough at low throttle. Xspurt Injectors’ fine atomisation makes for a smoother run and higher performance with less fuel. It also means that tuners spend a lot less time trying to find the balance between idle and top end. Even with 1000cc and 2000cc, it’s easy to get an idle that is basically identical to the factory set-up.

In the past, bigger fuel injectors were also frequently plagued by inconsistency in fuel levels between cylinders. With Xspurt Injectors, you get a consistent flow rate with each set. High ohms also mean you don’t need a resistor box or inline resistor to run them.

Versatility is also a key advantage of Xspurt Injectors. They come in six different sizes, from 350cc right up to 2000cc, with alloy CNC extensions to make them fit almost every car in Australia. Electrical connectors can be supplied to ensure they fit the car’s wiring harness. Xspurt Injectors are E85, ethanol, methanol and pump petrol compatible.

Injectorsonline – the home of Xspurt Injectors

Xspurt Injectors are manufactured by Injectorsonline at their Melbourne factory. They start life as Bosch EV14 style injectors, and then Injectorsonline technicians perform modifications and make adjustments to the flow rate to turn them into Xspurt Injectors. The EV14 style injectors are used as the base of the Xspurt Injector range because they use the latest in petrol injection technology, provide excellent atomisation and are extremely tunable. The first Xspurt Injectors came onto the market back in 2010, setting a new standard in high performance fuel injectors.

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