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2000cc Bosch Injectors x 6 Falcon FG incl Turbo


A set of 6 Bosch 2000cc injectors 

They come with the required plug and play connectors, extensions and manifold seals so you are good to go. 


They are a Bosch factory injector made for the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) market. 

These injectors will give you a very smooth idle then an instant response when you touch the accelerator ensuring a nice smooth transition to acceleration. From there the ride gets better as these injectors give you excellent response and tune-ability at the top end. You can even crank the pressure up to 8 bar and they will be comfortable.

Tuners also love these injectors as they are a breeze to tune, even at low pulse widths. Your car will feel like the injectors were installed at the factory.


NOT compatible with petrol with MTBE content, such as VP Q16 and VP Import fuels or other MTBE oxygenated fuels. This is not a problem in the vast majority of race and pump petrol applications.

If you take these injectors out of the car or the vehicle is sitting for long periods make sure you keep them soaked in the fuel that you are using. If you allow them to go dry you may have problems with them. which is not covered by warranty.

Part Number: 0280 158 821, 0 280 158 821, 0280158821

  • Internal Part Number:   HP2000BH14X6FG
  • Brand:   Bosch
  • CC Rating:   2000cc
  • Ohms (Resistance):   High
  • Length (o-ring to o-ring):   55mm - 3/4 Length
  • Top O-Ring Diameter:   14mm