The Journey Behind Troy Wood’s BA XR6 Turbo

The Journey Behind Troy Wood’s BA XR6 Turbo

Check out Troy Wood’s 2004 BA XR6 Turbo currently competing in the Tasmanian Circuit Racing Championship, running 2nd in its class! 

 Troy purchased his pride and joy specifically with the intent of being turned into a dedicated track/hillclimb car with 260,000kms on the original motor pulling 165kw at the wheels, featuring a 5-speed gearbox and LSD diff. Upon purchase, the car was immediately stripped and Troy’s eagerness pushed him to get his project on track! He started with the basic requirements of a racecar, fitting a Bonds weld in roll cage, seats, harnesses and of course; a decent steering wheel. 

 After Troy’s first track day, he realised quite quickly that the car was lacking some power, meaning more modifications were required to gain extra grunt. New mods began with the turbo being ported and fitting a Turbosmart actuator with a 7 psi spring, cold air intake, cats and mufflers deleted and removed as much weight as possible.  

Nick at Shaw Performance looked after unlocking the ECU and tuning to around 260rwkw with 10psi, however, he was hesitant to go further due to the age of the motor and the fact it was a series one engine which could have put his internals at risk.  

 After adding some additional power, Troy initiated a premium brake and wheels/tyres upgrade which empowered the car to reach faster speeds to be competitive at track days. After all these upgrades, Troy still found that the car wasn’t fast enough to compete in a championship series, meaning only one thing; Xspurt Injector’s upgrade! 

Nick recommended the only way he would gain more power out of the engine without significant upgrades would be an E85 conversion. Troy was initially hesitant with this upgrade, thinking E85 would be a pain to live with, however, the team at Injectors Online educated and supplied Troy with a flow matched set of 1000cc injectors which transformed the car and certainly gained the edge over his competition. It gained an instant 40rwkw to put in just over 300rwkw at just 11psi with 550nm of torque at just 2800rpm which it holds all the way to the limiter. Troy also found that the fuel tank doesn’t get drained between events and it starts better than it ever did on petrol! 

 Troy states “the car is now a dream to drive!”. It now has 268000kms and it’s super reliable despite hitting the 5800rpm limiter on every gear shift and is fast enough to be 2nd in a class racing with Porsches, Nissans and Evo’s. Injectors Online are proud to be a part of helping and guiding their customers to achieve their performance goals and putting a smile on many faces.



[Photography – Credit Scotty B Photography]